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AFBCash Malaysia is an online casino Malaysia company that was founded in 2005. Armed with the experience of real live casino in Cambodia and with Sports Betting Operator AFB88, AFBCash began to develop its business in the online gambling world.

Popular Online Casino Malaysia

The competition is quite heavy in the Malaysia Online Casino, AFBCash Malaysia entered into several collaborations with Malaysia online casino games distributor companies such as XE88 Slots and GD88 Live Casino.

AFBCash chose these two well-known companies because they provided a variety of products that fit our business such as Malaysian online live roulette, live casino slot games, Malaysian Joker123 casino and various online slot machine games. All of these games can be played on a variety of device options. Play XE88 on PC or Malaysian android mobile has always been a much-searched search keyword in Malaysia including Malaysia’s real money Malaysia online casino games.

AFBCash Malaysia reowned Sports Betting Brand AFB88

AFBCash Malaysia doesn’t stop at Malaysia online casino live games. AFBCash Malaysia started looking for online betting company especially those who to play 4D Malaysian sports products and Malaysia sports betting companies or commonly known as Malaysian sportsbook.

The first choice belongs to Maxbet, AFB88 and Sbobet company which has been operating for quite a long time and has an official license. The products and services offered through this website are licensed and guarded by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation ( for the Cagayan Economic Zoning Authority (Cagayan Economic Zones) kingdom of the Philippines.

AFB88 Sportsbook  itself provides online betting tools for sports games ranging from soccer betting, basketball and various other sports. In addition to Malaysia’s online sports, AFB88 Sportsbook also provides virtual sports games, keno, Maxbet live casino, number games and various other gaming products.

Trusted Casino Malaysia

The Most Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia – Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

AFBCash is one of the best online gambling Malaysia that presents a variety of the most complete and most popular casino games in Malaysia. Choosing a trusted online casino gambling site is one of the ways that must be included in the criteria of your chosen site, the article is in this era of increasingly sophisticated technology.

In the glittering world of gambling you should be more selective and wise in assessing sites that can be trusted both in terms of Service and the Speed ​​and Deposit & Withdrawal of transactions is an absolute thing on gambling site.

Variety Types of Live Casino Malaysia Games

AFBCash is 5 star Rating in Our Customers’ eyes is the Multi-View Diversity of Games that We provide.

There are 5 Types of Live Casino Games that we directly display in our main menu, including Baccarat Online, Roulette, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, Slot Games and Sexy Baccarat Girls. Uniquely, all these games can be played directly using only 1 wallet system casino. You also don’t need to bother playing our games on a PC or Laptop, because now you can play them on your Android Smartphone and favorite iPhone.

Best Online Casino in Malaysia

AFBCash is A Safe and Reliable Online Casino Malaysia website

For those of you who like the Trusted Online Casino Malaysia game, no need to hesitate with all forms of security that we provide. With the most up-to-date features in its class, we guarantee that all forms of security both your account and your balance in the account cannot be compromised by anyone.

In addition to maintaining your account access, our customers are also provided with 24-hour Live chat services.

In addition, this Online Gambling Malaysia Site provides more special deposit facilities such as for AFBCash Help2Pay that support Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Bank Islam and Hong Leong with minimum deposit of RM10 to maximum deposit of RM30,000. As for the minumum withdrawal is from RM50 to RM30,000.

AFBCash provide the best online casino Malaysia promotion. The saying goes “Customer satisfaction is a priority, especially for us, honesty is a concrete certainty. Although simple, we always provide more benefits for our customers as it seems that the Bonus Promotion for Live Casino Baccarat, Roulette and Gambling Dice Games is 0.8%.


Live Casino Malaysia

If you play roulette online in live casino Malaysia, you clearly know about games that use small amounts of bets but make huge profits. Not only that, roulette is also known as a very popular game because the thrill of this game is still no one can beat. There is no same type of game as roulette. Although roulette does have 2 different versions.

Two different versions of roulette itself are intended to make the game much more exciting and provide different challenges. The first version of roulette is European Roulette. The first version is the original version with a number of numbers from 0 to 36. While the second version is American Roulette. The difference is there is only an additional number 00 in this second version.

PLAY ONLINE Roulette  In Online Casino MALAYSIA

Because of the excitement offered by the online roulette gambling Malaysia, now the game can be enjoyed on the internet. Just like other online gambling games that can be played online. In an online casino that offers a complete gambling game, roulette is one of the options in it. In the online casino we can find a very complete gambling game from all over the world.

Online roulette Malaysia is definitely not a new type of roulette itself. The game is still the same as the original roulette. It’s just played online on a computer. There is no difference in how to play it. You still have to choose a variety of bets to play and place bets using real money in exchange for chips.

In online roulette, each player can choose the roulette game in two different games. The first roulette is roulette which is played with the help of a computer or flash game version. This first version was actually played randomly by a computer. Whereas the second roulette is live streaming roulette. So the game on screen is a video that airs live with the original roulette table and bookie. Playing roulette streaming is even more desirable because it is more exciting and like playing in a casino directly.

How to Play Roulette Online Malaysia

Online Roulette gambling is not a difficult game to play. With a little capital can bring a lot of profit in the bet. Of course if you can follow the game well.

Roulette is very easy to play. The first thing to do is place a bet. The dealer will provide an opportunity for players to place bets. After the bet is closed then the roulette wheel will spin, so will the balls in it that rotate in opposite directions. In a few moments the ball will stop in one of the slots that results from the bet. If the slot becomes a bet placed, a fee will be immediately earned.

Tips for Playing online Roulette live casino malaysia

For beginners, there are several bets that can be easily followed because the winning percentage is very high. Here are some of these types of bets.

Odd and Even: Odd and even bets are guessing whether the ball will stop at one odd or even number. With only two choices, the percentage can reach 50%.

Big and small: Still the same as the previous bet, this bet is played by guessing whether the ball will stop at a small number from 0 to 18, or a big number from 19 to 36.

Black and red: Inside the roulette wheel there are 2 colors that can be used as bets, namely black and red. You can install on one or both. The percentage reaches 50% because there are only two choices.
Some bets in roulette gambling can also produce a very large payout even though the stakes are only a little. But that is also offset by a very small percentage to win the bet. Even so it doesn’t hurt to try to follow one of the hardest bets in the game. If you are lucky it is very possible to get a victory in it.

In playing online roulette Malaysia, make sure to take the bet with the smallest nominal first because it can reduce the risk of loss. When you feel that you have mastered the game and know the tricks to winning the bet, increase the amount of the bet little by little. Do not immediately raise bets in large amounts because it could even turn around and lose a lot of capital bet.

When you win a bet and have made a profit, it’s better to end the game. Make a target when to stop playing so as not to get too late in the game. Then also take advantage so that it is not mixed with capital that can be used to play again.

Finally, play online roulette at a trusted online casino site. Exciting and profitable games can be obtained by becoming a member of a trusted online casino.