How To Win Blackjack

Between epidemics, life has become difficult. Everyone can’t go out at will, resulting in few opportunities to make money. Therefore, I will introduce some methods that are easier to make big money. That is online gambling.

Many people may think that gambling is easier to lose, but this is the wrong idea. Whether everything is half wins and half losses, there is no absolute win or lose. When you understand the rules of the game, your winning will be greatly improved, and you can earn profit money from online gambling.

There are so many online gambling games in Malaysia Trusted Online Casino, which ones are easier to win? Then I will introduce you to a game that even professional gamblers use it as their core business, called Blackjack.

Blackjack is the most likely to win a game in the casino, and it is also the only relatively fair game there. With the best gameplay, the player’s winning rate is as high as 49%. However, if you want to win money in the long term, this 2% disadvantage cannot be tolerated. High-end gamblers will use the method of changing bets or team battles to bring this disadvantage back.

How to play blackjack?

Although there are often blackjack scenes in various movies, it is only popular in casinos after all, and not many people have actually played it. Let us first introduce the gameplay of blackjack.

This game is divided into two sides, and usually, the dealer deals with 5 to 7 players at the same time on a semicircular table. The props are multiple sets of playing cards that are not mixed up. The player’s goal is to make the sum of his cards greater than the dealer, but if the sum exceeds 21 points, it will be out (that is, burst). The flower card counts as 10 points, and the A can be counted as 11 points or 1 point as needed.

In the first round, both the player and the dealer will get two initial cards, each of which will only be opened. After each round, players can choose:

  • Take a card (Hit)
  • The end of the card (Stand)
  • Double the bet and take a card (Double)
  • If the two cards received are the same, the player can separate the two cards, place another same bet, and obtain another two cards from the dealer, which is equivalent to playing two games at the same time (Split)
  • Resign, surrender and start the next round (Surrender)


It should be noted that Double, Split, Surrender can only be selected in the first round. Some casinos allow Double after Split or continue Split, and some casinos do not allow Surrender.

After all, players have finished drawing cards, the dealer turns over the cards covered in the first round. If the sum of points is less than 17, then the cards are taken until the sum of points is greater than or equal to 17. And also, the dealer does not Double, Split or Surrender. If the dealer busts, all players win. If the dealer does not burst, the player with more points than the dealer wins, if the points are the same, it is a tie, and if the points are less, the player loses.

Of course, there are some special rules for blackjack, such as Insurance and Blackjack (get an A and a 10-point card), so I won’t repeat them here.


How high-end gamblers ask for cards

It can be seen that blackjack is not complicated, and it is easy for mathematicians to find the best card strategy. Calculations show that the best gameplay allows players to have a winning rate of around 49%. For professional gamblers, there is no difficulty in doing this. The so-called best gameplay is just 3 matrices, just write it down.

How To Win Blackjack

The above three matrices cover almost all possible situations in the game. The top horizontal coordinate indicates the number of points the dealer turned over in the first round (T is 10 points). The leftmost column of the first vertical matrix represents the sum of the player’s current hand cards, H is Hard, which means that the A in the hand is counted as 1 point (if any), and the other two vertical columns are the leftmost column Indicates what the two cards in the player’s hand are.

The remaining matrix elements are the best actions for the player. Where H stands for Hit (Yellow colour), S stands for Stand (Green colour), P stands for Split (Blue colour), D stands for Double (Red colour)(Hit if the rule does not allow), and Ds stands for Double (Stand if the rule does not allow).

By carefully observing the above three matrices, many card strategies can be understood with a little thought. But there are also some interesting points. For example, when the sum of the cards in the hand is 12, the dealer’s face is 2 or 3 and requires a Hit, and the dealer’s face is 2 or 3, and Stand is required.

Why is this happening? When you need a card and when you don’t, the probability has the final say. Let us first look at the player’s winning percentage at 12 o’clock. After the dealer starts to draw, the sum of the points is 17 or more before it stops. At this time, the player can only hope that the dealer will explode if he wants to win.

If the starting point of the dealer is greater than or equal to 17, no cards are drawn at all. When the sum of points is H16, if you draw 6~T, it will burst. We know that the probability of drawing cards of different sizes is equal (1/13). Let F(x) be the probability of continuing to draw cards when the current number of points is x, then:

F(H16) = 8/13 = 0.61538

When the sum of the points of the dealer’s hand is H15, draw 7~T and explode; draw an A and turn it into an H16 situation:

F(H15) = 7/13 + 1/13×F(H16) = 0.58580

In the same way, we can calculate the probability of breaking the cards from H14 to H6. When the dealer’s hand sum is H5, the situation is different. At this time, A can be counted as 11 points. After taking this change into account, it is not difficult to calculate the H2—H5 situation.


What if the player chooses Hit? There are two winning situations at this time:

  1. The player did not explode but the dealer exploded
  2. Neither the player nor the dealer has exploded but the dealer’s points are small

The probability of a card burst has already been calculated. Now let’s consider the situation of the ratio. If the banker’s first card is 2, let G(x) be the probability that the banker will get the points and the hand of x, then G(H2) = 1.

If the banker’s hand sum becomes H3, he can only draw an A in the case of H2, that is:

G(H3) = 1/13×G(H2) = 0.07692

Similarly, the probability from H4 to H 21 can be calculated, but we still need to pay attention to the situation where A is calculated as 11 points. In the case that neither party has broken the cards, the player has only the following possibilities to win by comparing:

  • The player gets 21 points, the dealer gets 20~17 points
  • The player gets 20 points and the dealer gets 19~17 points
  • The player gets 19 points, the dealer gets 18 and 17 points
  • The player gets 18 points, the dealer gets 17 points

Players start to draw at 12 o’clock and get 18 points, which is equivalent to starting from H2 and get H8, so the probability is G (H8), and the probability of the dealer getting 17 points is G (17). According to this case 4, the probability is:

P4 = G(H8)×G(17)

In the same way, P3, P2, and P1 can be calculated. Therefore, when the player’s hand sum is H12 and the dealer’s first card is 2, the probability of winning when the player chooses Hit is:

P(H) = P1 + P21 + P22 + P23 + P24 = 0.36958

Calculated before, in this case, the probability of choosing Stand to win P(S) = F(H2) = 0.35831,

P(H)> P(S), so Hit is the optimal strategy.

How To Win Blackjack - Formula

Change the bet and turn defeat into victory

Malaysia Trusted Online Casino

As mentioned earlier, even if you learn these 3 matrices, your winning percentage is still not more than half. The best strategy can only keep you from losing so fast, but there is no way to help you win money. In 1963, Professor Edward Thorpe of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted an experiment and found that the more small cards (7 and below) in the remaining cards, the easier it is for the dealer to win. The remaining large cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, A) The more, the easier the player will win. This is actually easy to understand. The dealer will draw the cards until the point is greater than or equal to 17. At this time, if there are more big cards in the remaining cards, the more likely the dealer will explode. And when there are many big names, players are more likely to adopt the Double strategy to increase revenue.

Speaking of this, you may have guessed that if you want to win, you have to change your bets. Bet bigger when it is advantageous and bet smaller when it is disadvantageous. But the question is, how do you know when there are more big cards in the remaining cards? The answer is-record cards.

There is a basic method of recording cards called the high-low method. Its strategy is to set 2-6 as -1 points, 7-9 as 0 points, and 10, J, Q, K, and A as 1 point. The scores of the cards are all added up. If the score is large, it means that there are fewer big cards in the remaining cards. However, the 15 points accumulated after 1 deck of cards are obviously different from the 15 points accumulated after 3 decks of cards. Therefore, there is the following adjustment formula:

True value = points / number of remaining cards

For example, there are 6 decks of cards at the beginning, and 15 points are accumulated after the 3 decks are dealt. The real value is 15/3 = 5.

The book “Lost Genius” once introduced the story of a group of top MIT students in the 1990s who earned 3 million yuan through blackjack. This group of people uses the high-low method to record cards. Although this method ignores the difference between 2 and 6 and is not perfect, it is at least not easy to make mistakes. It is better to know that it is better to make less than to lose.

In actual operation, the MIT team will disperse several investigators at different tables to record cards. Once it finds that a certain table is very hot, it will send a signal to the partner to place a big bet, and the investigator will remain calm and remain small. bet. The teamwork model is easier to win big money, and it is also difficult to arouse the suspicion of the casino. The movie “Winning Blackjack” tells such a story.


The above is my decision to play blackjack. I hope to assist those of you who need to play Malaysia online casino gambling however don’t acumen to play. Next time, I’ll share the way to opt for and play games in Malaya online live casino. I hope you’ll light-weight the bell and subscribe, and you’ll quickly grasp once the web site updates articles.

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How To Win In Malaysia Online Live Casino

Life is obtaining additional and tougher, particularly when experiencing COVID-19. The way of building fast money with legitimacy is simple. Simply search for a legal Malaysia online live casino. So, the question is the way to distinguish whether or not Malaysia online live casino is legal? It is actually quite simple, first, you have to look at the discounts offered by Malaysia online live casinos. Typically legal Malaysia online live casinos offer a loyalty attendance bonus of 10% and a daily rebate of 0.8% to their members. Some websites even also offer unlimited rebate bonuses and weekend bonuses like AFBCash Malaysia, ECLBet, QQClubs, Royal777, etc.

Back to the topic, how to win in Malaysia online live casino? First, you need to plan. For example, if you are a person who does not know how to gamble, how do you understand the casino game? The straightforward factor is to seek out some online programs for you to do, like It had provided some free games for beginners to expertise the casino gameplay. Besides that, it also provides some strategist article for beginners.

I will conjointly share my experience with you rookies the how to decide to bet.

Understand Malaysia Online Live Casino Games

You need to grasp however the casino games square measure vie. Practice completely different games before going to play Malaysia online live casino. Several online programs enable you to “gamble” while not use cash. Before you begin to play Malaysia online live casino with real money, please take some time to practice the different games you want to play. Generally, the foremost notable games in Asia are poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette and craps and so on.

Arrange Your Budget To Play Online Live Casino Malaysia

Set yourself a budget before you attend to play online live casino. Decide ahead what proportion you’re willing to pay and assume that you just won’t win something. If attainable, set transfer restrictions on your bank transfer account in order that once you run out of cash for daily, you’ll stop taking part in Malaysia online live casinos. This methodology helps you win by reducing the prospect of losing additional and extra money. Also, if you recognize that your funds are restricted, you’ll be pickier once deciding that game to play.

If you’re about to gamble for many days during a row, try and place your allotted gambling cash during a separate bank card in order that you do not accidentally begin mistreatment the money you used on Mon this weekend!

Access Malaysia Trusted Online Casino Website

Go to the Malaysia Trusted Online Casino website throughout the day to find out concerning the layout of the trusted online casino. The look of Malaysia trusted online casino website is disorienting-without a clock, the game is about in numerous maze modes, therefore it’s straightforward to forget the time! Another extra benefit is that you just will play a game once it’s not too busy, and therefore the dealer can offer you a technical detail.

Keep Clear Think When Play Online Live Casino Malaysia

Stay hydrous and don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol. after you drink, you’ll pay the extra money and pay less attention to the game. If you win tons of cash during a Malaysia online live casinos and you would like to drink to celebrate the pleasure of winning, I might recommend that you just try and alter your rhythm by drinking a glass of water between every alcoholic beverage. This manner you’ll not be therefore unfit by the influence of alcohol and cause you to lose an excessive amount of cash.

Plan Time Limit For Play Online Live Casino

Record the time by sporting a watch or setting a phone timer. The longer you play online live casino, the higher your chances of losing money the odds of winning the game are always in your favour! Therefore, set a time limit of several hours and when now, it is over. If you win, great! If not, take a break and come back reinvigorated the next day.

It is straightforward to forget the time when you play Malaysia online live casino, the more money you speed. If you’ve got a budget however still have cash left once your time up, transfer the money to next day’s budget.

Stop when you win more money from online live casino

Leave after you are ahead, therefore you are doing not risk losing and winning. If you win big money, then I might recommend withdraw the money out. Your possibilities of winning Dalian, though this can be very enticing however exceptionally low. Of course, you’ll even be a lucky one that will double your money many times. However, I might still recommend that you withdraw your money. Because some of Malaysia online live casino will not let you withdraw more money when you keep winning big in order that they’re going to not lose their money.



The above is my decision to play Malaysia online live casino. I hope to assist those of you who need to play online live casino however don’t acumen to play. Next time, I’ll share the way to opt for and play games in Malaya online live casino. I hope you’ll light-weight the bell and subscribe, and you’ll quickly grasp once the web site updates articles.

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The Most Legit Guide to Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia 2020

Online Gambling Risk Assessment And Basic Knowledge Summary

For domestic players, although there are many brands of online casinos in Malaysia, they seem to be in full bloom and countless, but they are also easily dizzy and at a loss. Because you do not know which brands of online casinos are trusted and safely in Malaysia.

Therefore, before online gambling, players must be aware of their risks and understand the basis of this industry. So that you can avoid wasting your money. In this article, we will first discuss the risks of Malaysia online casino gambling and provide you with some basic knowledge about online casinos in Malaysia.

Besides that, I hope you can have a deeper understanding of it after reading and be able to use these contents to keep in mind. I believe you will implement reasonable and objective gambling as the essence of your game.


Online Gambling Is Risky

In a person’s life, there are not many things that can be secured. Therefore, avoiding risks and comparing risk indexes is the key to success or failure. Therefore, it is vital to understand the risks of online gambling. The risk of gambling activities in online casinos is not less than that of offline casinos, and sometimes even greater than offline casinos, but this is usually a special case. For example, the online casino is not safe, transactions are not guaranteed, and the odds are extremely unfair, and even suspected of defrauding players’ money. 

However, if players can rigorously check and screen online casinos, this situation can be avoided. Regarding the verification of online casino information, we will explain to you one after another below. I hope you can understand the importance of preliminary verification and screen through the explanations below.

Related Basic Knowledge of Malaysia Online Casino

The rise of Malaysia online casinos has also driven several new players from land online. For new players, online casinos are unfamiliar and full of possibilities, so most new players are curious about it and want to find out.

But no matter what kind of carrier and platform gambling is embodied in, its essence will not be particularly different, and its core is always linked to real money.

When it comes to money, everything becomes very different, which is the main reason why we highly recommend you to do your homework and do research.

At the same time, on the way to understand relevant knowledge, in order not to involve errors and redundant information. We have listed the most important basic knowledge for you and hope you can understand it from many aspects. And we will continue to update the content of articles about this knowledge, hoping to help you create a more comfortable online gaming environment.

Learn about the advantages of the casino. Key casino games to increase your winning rate. Introduction to casino terms. The way to choose casino games. A brief description of casino rules and disciplines.

  • Learn about online casino advantages
  • Introduction to Online Casino Games
  • How to choose online casino games
  • The key to improving the chance of winning percentage
  • A brief introduction to online casino terms & phrases

Malaysia Online Casino Jackpot

Security and Website Content Research

As mentioned above, the security of online casinos is all the prerequisite. Players need to stare wide, distinguish carefully, and shop around, putting security and website content research in the first place. If the player arbitrarily chooses an online casino with serious security risks, the player is likely to suffer monetary losses, such as the inbound remittance disappears, or the bonus cannot be withdrawn smoothly. 

This series of situations will not only affect the player’s game mentality and psychological state but may also lead to the danger of family destruction.

However, if the player chooses a safe online casino with a lack of website content, the player may not be able to enjoy the best preferential policies or even find a game that suits them. Here, we strongly urge players to read this part of the content carefully to lay a solid foundation for their betting.

Security Research

Security research is the most important part of the initial screening of online casinos. Through rigorous and meticulous safety research, players can lay a solid guarantee for future online gambling activities, and fundamentally avoid accidents. The security research for online casinos is divided into three parts.

First, players need to browse the official website of the online casino and find the relevant legal licenses through the “About Us” section of the official website. The licenses of legal online casinos are often issued by relevant government supervision departments, so players need to search the online The official website of the government supervision department of the casino, and the information of the online casino can be found through the official website of the supervision department to prove that the legal license issued is true and effective.

The last step is to investigate the legal information of the supervision department, and determine its authenticity and reliability by searching the supervision department on the Internet, and fundamentally eliminate false information, to protect personal information and property safety. 

Normally, most of Malaysia safety and trusted online casinos have got the license by CEZA and PAGCOR. If you read the “About Us” section of the online casino platform, it does not provide the license by CEZA and PAGCOR, that means it is not safe online casino site or platform.

Website Content Research

After preliminary verification, players can start site content research. The so-called website content survey includes many aspects, with the top priority of the foreign exchange system, game content, preferential system, VIP system and customer service.

Players can easily grasp the basic content on the website by analyzing these aspects, to carry out deeper screening. First of all, as far as the foreign exchange withdrawal system is concerned, we recommend that players choose an online casino with a clear foreign exchange withdrawal system and many ways to withdraw money. By understanding the concise foreign exchange withdrawal system, players can better understand the operation and participation methods of the casino.

At the same time, if the online casino can also provide a variety of channels for withdrawal, then players can freely and conveniently conduct online gambling. Besides, players need to pay attention to the length of time to withdraw money to determine how long it takes to remit money and how long it takes to get the bonus.

The content of the game is quite obvious. Players can filter by comparing the types of games and betting requirements provided by different online casinos, and the other two closely connected are the preferential system and the VIP system. In recent years, more and more online casinos will set up different game preferential policies and VIP systems to attract more resident players.

Among them, the game preferential policies are divided into limited-time free games, betting price reduction and game points policies. Limited-time free games are when players can play the game for free within a certain period, but at the same time, most of these games cannot accumulate membership points. Therefore, players can only play for free but cannot get substantial returns. It stimulates website traffic and entertains the public. Also, the price reduction of the bet is a discount or a direct price reduction on the original bet, which fundamentally saves the player’s expenses.

The VIP system will be meticulous to each type of game, by registering a member account to win special offers, or accumulating membership points in exchange for other bonuses or gifts, in this way long-term surprises to players. To sum up, players need to compare and filter carefully according to the above inner cylinders by shopping around to find the best option.

Besides, we also recommend that players choose old brand trusted online casino to play gambling games. Because usually old brand online casinos have to obtain legal qualifications following legal procedures and there will be more preferential systems to let you enjoy the game. At the same time, you can withdraw the full amount from them.


Recommend Online Casino

The above are all online casino information closely related to Malaysian players. I hope you can have a preliminary understanding of online casino screening, use and game types through reading. Below, based on the content of the above article, we recommend to you the high-quality online casino we have carefully prepared, hoping to provide you with more choices, so that you can find the best online casino for you.

Malaysia Trusted Online Casino Platform — AFBCash, it is a direct casino platform website, not through an agent site. It has been an online service for more than 17 years. Whether it is old or newly opened sites, it can maintain the most stable and most popular top ranking in Google. It can be said that AFBCash is the oldest brand of all online entertainment casinos in Asia. It also won the award of the best online entertainment casino authorized by CEZA and PAGCOR in 2018 – 2019.

The above-mentioned AFBCash Malaysia all been reviewed by professionals on this site, and strict inspections have been conducted in terms of security and game types. Therefore, AFBCash Malaysia is safe, reliable, and high-quality choices of comprehensive quality.

Among them, the most noteworthy is the customer service quality of this online casino. Although the popularity of the Internet has also promoted the enhancement of customer service quality in all walks of life, this website can be said to be the ultimate. AFBCash usually provides 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about the website, you can immediately contact the customer service staff.

At the same time, AFBCash provides 2-3 customer service contact methods, such as e-mail, online chat room or Internet telephone consultation, etc., so that you can solve problems without any effort.

In addition, most of the online chat rooms of this online casino provide customer service in a few languages such as English, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai etc.

And also, the important there is no need to wait, that is, question and answer, helping players save time as much as possible. If you want to learn more about the details of this online casinos, you can click on learn more about the features and systems of the website.

Conclusion of  Most Legit Guide to Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia 2020

In a word, most of the online casinos on the market are mature and suitable for Chinese players to participate in the game. I believe you can find the most suitable website on these websites. As long as you keep in mind the importance of security research and website content research, and can choose the game suitable for you, you will surely get the most satisfactory gambling experience. If you want to know more about online casinos, please always check our website. We will spare no effort to search all kinds of information about online casinos for you and escort you.

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Free Credit No 1 Deposit Online Casino Malaysia

The Popular Mobile Slot Games in Malaysia

Mobile Slot Games have become popular in Malaysia. Pragmatic Play is also one of the slot games! Mobile slot games are now far more popular than typical real casino games. Players can easily win big money with a small bet!

What makes Pragmatic Play mobile slot games play so happily?

It is recognized as one of the easiest slot games to win! Not only is the prize money high, but players also win jackpot almost every day! The chance to win that huge pragmatic play jackpot is just a matter of time, so keep challenging until you win the pragmatic play prize!

Pragmatic Play is a slot game designed to eliminate any potential vulnerabilities. Hacker this mobile slot games can be said to be almost impossible, so when respectful, please trust the money into the pragmatic play mobile slot game.

Almost all of the pragmatic play’s games are tailor-made for online casino players in Malaysia. Not only is it easy to understand, but the game of Pragmatic play is also easy to win, and withdrawal (also known as CuCi in Malay) is the degree of making a phone call!


Flexible Gambling Platform with High Winning Amount

In fact, despite the myriad of casino products on the market, you should still play Pragmatic play for several reasons. First of all, it provides a flexible and convenient centralized betting platform to benefit all mobile slot games in Malaysia. Players will find it easy to download the Pragmatic play mobile slot games on their smartphone, which is 100% free.

Second, Pragmatic play offers the highest winning policy of all other online slot game products in Malaysia, making it easier for players to win large amounts of cash in the game.


Mobile Slot Games with Top Quality

In Malaysia, there are a series of mobile slot games that are popular with most casino gamers. You can find most of these popular mobile slot games in Pragmatic Play Slot:

  1. Egyptian Fortunes is usually one of the most easily won slot games in the world. It was originally developed by Pragmatic Play itself. For Egyptian Fortunes, people will find it even easier to get free bonus spins and five rewards. Besides, its graphic design and background music make players feel like they are in the tomb of the Egyptian king. Especially when you win the grand prize, the game screen will vibrate as if the player triggered the mechanism. This is a good game for those who love to watch adventure movies.
  2. Wukong is considered one of the most popular multiplayer mobile slot games in Malaysia. Nowadays, players prefer to play “Wukong” on their mobile phones rather than in kiosks on land. Despite the limitations on the available screen size, Pragmatic Play can still maintain graphics quality in terms of game layout.
  3. Buffalo King s another famous masterpiece of Pragmatic Play. Most people are familiar with free bonus games with mini-games to determine the number of free spins and the winning multiplier. Pragmatic Play upgrades the game design of buffalo, lion and background, bringing a more classic feel to all fans. With the high winning rate of slot machines, you always have a higher chance to win the Pragmatic Play prize!


How do players play with Pragmatic Play Slot?

Pragmatic Play Slot was licensed their games to AFBCash Malaysia. AFBCash is the most famous in Malaysia Trusted Online Casino. In addition to providing Pragmatic play, AFBCash provides other famous slot machine games in Asia, such as xe88, 918kiss, scr888, Haba slot, joker123 slot, etc.

Pragmatic play can be easily downloaded to Android smartphones and can be played around the world. You just need your Android phone to start the game!

Also, it offers one of the highest cumulative bonuses for any casino player to take home the winning prize.

With AFBCash, everyone now has a chance to win hundreds of thousands of ringgit cash awards from mobile entertainment game on smartphones! Sign up for play Pragmatic Play now for a free welcome bonus.


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Football Betting Strategy: Gambling Has 6 Definitions

6 Definitions – Football Betting Strategy

Today we come to understand the so-called 7 definitions of gambling friends.

Want to bet? Want to win?

If you cannot do the following 6 things! Do not bet! If you force to bet, you will lose your money!


⚽Football Betting

Although it looks like a 50% vs. 50% game, after contacting football betting, you turn out that it is not a 50% vs. 50% game. When you start to play football betting, you would know sometimes your winning rate 90%, sometimes the dealer’s winning rate can also be 90%. Before gambling, you really must adjust yourself because gambling is not easy, not as easy as you think.


⚽1– What is the definition of football betting

What is the purpose of football betting? I believe that more than 90% of the people want to make a fortune, but if they really do it, one in a hundred is difficult. So, it depends on how you think about this thing. If you treat it as an investment, then you must have a detailed gambling plan. Maybe it is enough to win RM200 a day, or you cannot lose more than RM200 a day.

If you treat the football betting as a gamble, then you will get bigger and bigger and eventually become a pathological gambler! It does not matter if you win money, you may borrow money from the west and waste your life forever! Generally, long-term profitable gamblers treat gambling as an investment! Please bear in mind that a re-determined victory is the beginning of a loss.


⚽2—Betting Football must be controlled

After you knew the definition of football betting, you must be controlled yourself. I believe you have heard of “don’t wear such a big cap without such a head”! For example, you only have RM1000. Of course, you cannot bet more than RM1000. The amount of investment must not exceed our own economic capacity.

Many gamblers who lose and run away because usually have no way to controlled themselves. When they lose more, they would ignore their own economic ability. They only want to “win back”. As a result, their analytical ability is greatly reduced, and they lose their mind thinking. They would start to random bets lead they lose their money. Therefore, betting football must be restrained and do according to one’s ability.


⚽3—Betting Football should not be superstitious about news

When you open newspaper every day, you will always see some pre match reports. In fact, it’s good to have a look at the news. It can’t be regarded as the biggest reference before betting! Why? What the newspaper says may be true, but it doesn’t mean everything. If you have done statistics, the newspaper generally says that the so and so team will “fight hard” today, but the final result is more win than lose.

Therefore, do not read such reports, and give up on their own ideas, the team does not rely on 11 people to survive, but on 23 people. It’s better to believe in your own analysis and thinking in gambling, and just look at the news. Otherwise, everyone has already be rich man.


⚽4—If you want to bettng football, you should believe in kick a fake

As long as the interest relationship based on money, any change can happen. Therefore, when you invest in the daily astronomical bet amount of the wave plate, you must believe that there is a fake ball. It is because of the existence of false ball, in the football world any absurd results will certainly appear! It’s good to say, “the ball is round”, and the bad one is “kick a fake”.

However, even if there are fake balls, as gambler, we do not have to be pessimistic. Becasue we should pay attention to the most likely kick a fake and timing. Standing on the side of the dealer is also a good opportunity to win. If you choose not to believe in fake balls, you’d better not start the game.


⚽5— Learn to Scheming to Gamble

Why do some people succeed in a business, while others are in a mess, believing that apart from luck, learning to scheming is often the philosophy of successful people. It is also proved that the dealer has a “mind set” to gamble for you after a series of calculations!

In other words, as gamblers, should we pay more attention to it before we place a bet? No matter you look for the good data and professional analysist, you should scheming of the opportunity. Even if you lose, you can at least accumulate some experience, which is very helpful for future bets.


⚽6— Good control of funds

After winning a million dollars, the gambler who finally lost said, “I’m not unable to crack the opening, but I just can’t control the funds.”! It’s hard to win and easy to lose. If he had used a hundred thousand funds and planned to gamble, he would not have lost the money he had won so hard that he would have no capital and start from scratch!

Although this is an afterthought, we need to learn from the losers, otherwise you will follow suit. In addition, we should not regard capital as real “money”. We should recognize that capital is a number. Reducing pressure will improve the odds of winning.



No matter how you bet, you have to stay calm and think clearly so that you can win big money. And also, introduce to you the trusted online casino sites i bet football —  AFB1188 Sportsbook Betting Malaysia. This site uses an newly security configuration to prodect thier customer details. And also, they have more than 15 year experience for online services, you can easy to withdraw your money from thier sites.

Besides that, they aslo offer 150% Weekend Sportsbook Betting Promotion for sports bet. So that mean we can have more funds to bet.

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Top Malaysia Trusted Online Casino in 2020

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Top Malaysia Trusted Online Casino in 2021

Malaysia Live Casino 2021

When you think of an online casinos platform in Malaysia, which one do you think of? I think everyone will first think of Genting Casino, but unfortunately, Genting does not provide online services. With the development of technology, people began to yearn to play casinos online. As a result, it created the Malaysian online casino market. Criminals spotted this business opportunity to create many fake online casinos to deceive players’ money. In the past, many online players played online gambling on fake gambling sites and were often deceived by bad websites. Most agents used company names to defraud customers of money, leading to the closure of websites and evasion or refusal to pay.


The main problem of the Internet is that it was impossible to solve in the past because those who brought it did not know these serious things, which led to the long-term decline of these sites. Until fortunately, a large capital group in the online gambling industry in Malaysia will cooperate with a large capital group from Malaysia and develop the AFBCASH website to change the perception of online gambling and improve the quality and reliability. Therefore, AFBCASH’s website is popular with players from all over the country and has become the most popular online casino website in Malaysia.


Malaysia Trusted Online Casino Platform ——- AFBCash, is a direct casino platform website, not through an agent site. It has been online service for more than 17 years. Whether it is old or newly opened sites, it can maintain the most stable and most popular top ranking in Google. It can be said that AFBCash is the oldest brand of all online entertainment casinos in Asia. It also won the award of the best online entertainment casino authorized by CEZA and PAGCOR in 2018 – 2019.


History of AFBCash

In the past, many online players applied for online gambling on gambling networks and were often cheated by bad websites. Most of the agents followed him again as customers to cheat, closing the website and evading or refusing to pay. The main problem with the old network is that it was impossible to solve in the past because those who brought it did not know these serious things, which led to the long-term decline of these sites. To solve the trouble that all online players are looking for safe and reliable gambling websites, we have created the most stable and credible AFB website so that all interested online players can gamble at ease.

AFBCash was named afterwards, the original website name is AFB Sport. AFB started from sports betting. In 2003, the AFB business focused on sports betting and was legally authorized by international online entertainment and gambling organizations CEZA and PAGCOR. AFB cooperates with foreign sports betting companies as SBOBet, MaxBet, IBCBet and AFB1188 (AFB subsidiary). AFBCash has worked with them for at least 17 years. Because it cooperated with them, AFB Sport once became the best sports betting site in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. However, the local government’s regime issues and the blockade of online sports betting, AFB Sport, the most famous sports betting site in Asia, could not escape the government blockade, which caused it to disappear from the search engine.

AFB has since been blocked, leading to a downturn in businesses. In 2013, AFB was invested heavily by a large capital group in the online gambling industry in Malaysia and a large capital group from Malaysia, which brought the company back to life. And AFB was named AFBCash from that day on.


AFBCash compares current other online casinos

AFBCASH is strongly trusted by Malaysian gamblers because it is invested by a large capital group in Malaysia’s online gambling industry and is authorized by the international legal headquarters. Besides, AFBCash is also on the list of Casino Guru, a famous foreign online casino review network. Compared to illegal companies found in online search engines, AFBCash is more trustworthy.

AFBCASH’s website design is quite simple, convenient, and fast, and it also provides a full range of online entertainment related services. And launched their mobile phone APP, allowing users to play their games anytime, anywhere.

AFBCASH also has a 24-hour online deposit and withdrawal service (excluding government holidays) and guarantees fast withdrawal and deposit (no later than 3 minutes). And 24 hours a day, there are staff to check, solve and follow up customer problems.

Because the AFB website has been ranked very well in the compiled data of Google Big Data. Because when you search for “AFBCASH” keywords in Malaysia, there are also some keywords related to online gambling, such as “online sports betting”, “Trusted Online Casino”, “Online slot games”. You can all find AFBCash. This also shows the trustworthiness of AFBCash.


Also, AFBCash guarantees and promises:

  • Provide a stable and credible website and will not disclose customer information or swallow customers to win bonuses.
  • Provide 24-hour online deposit and withdrawal services, excluding government holidays. And quickly execute transactions and deposits (withdrawal no later than 3 minutes) to allow users to have a better gaming experience.
  • Regularly update user balances to provide customers with complete game information and personal information.
  • Provide regular promotions and commissions to review customers


Cooperating game providers with the AFBCash platform

AFBCash cooperates with many of Asia’s most famous online game providers, such as Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, SA Gaming, WM Casino, Sexy Baccarat, and Pragmatic Play etc. Besides that, AFBCash itself also provides online casino services called GD88.  The main highlight of GD88 is that you will be from exclusive live dealers get first-class experience and service. Besides that, you can bet multiple tables at the same times. Whether you are at the same table with other players or one-on-one with our live dealers, we will provide you with professional services! And others the big sell point of the GD88 is that you can fast switch table for bet different table at the same times as below video.

Compared with online live casinos in Malaysia, another advantage of playing casinos is the flexibility it provides. Every table in Malaysia casino has different game types and betting restrictions, you can choose to participate in it. Compared with land casinos or Genting casinos, online betting limits may be lower, the latter only fixed 2-3 betting limits.


In conclusion

As you can see from the above, the AFBCASH website solves all your concerns. You need comprehensive information and guidelines for choosing the right website. Otherwise, you will just become the victim of deceived money, and the attitude of these service providers is very disrespectful. Therefore, the AFBCash website has become popular and trusted. Those who apply to the agency are carefully selected. You can see that the AFBCASH website has many members registering every day, and all services are very sincere.


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Free Credit No 1 Deposit Online Casino Malaysia

Malaysia Online Casino

AFBCash Malaysia is an online casino Malaysia company that was founded in 2005. Armed with the experience of real live casino in Cambodia and with Sports Betting Operator AFB88, AFBCash began to develop its business in the online gambling world.

Popular Online Casino Malaysia

The competition is quite heavy in the Malaysia Online Casino, AFBCash Malaysia entered into several collaborations with Malaysia online casino games distributor companies such as XE88 Slots and GD88 Live Casino.

AFBCash chose these two well-known companies because they provided a variety of products that fit our business such as Malaysian online live roulette, live casino slot games, Malaysian Joker123 casino and various online slot machine games. All of these games can be played on a variety of device options. Play XE88 on PC or Malaysian android mobile has always been a much-searched search keyword in Malaysia including Malaysia’s real money Malaysia online casino games.

AFBCash Malaysia reowned Sports Betting Brand AFB88

AFBCash Malaysia doesn’t stop at Malaysia online casino live games. AFBCash Malaysia started looking for online betting company especially those who to play 4D Malaysian sports products and Malaysia sports betting companies or commonly known as Malaysian sportsbook.

The first choice belongs to Maxbet, AFB88 and Sbobet company which has been operating for quite a long time and has an official license. The products and services offered through this website are licensed and guarded by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation ( for the Cagayan Economic Zoning Authority (Cagayan Economic Zones) kingdom of the Philippines.

AFB88 Sportsbook  itself provides online betting tools for sports games ranging from soccer betting, basketball and various other sports. In addition to Malaysia’s online sports, AFB88 Sportsbook also provides virtual sports games, keno, Maxbet live casino, number games and various other gaming products.

Trusted Casino Malaysia

The Most Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia – Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

AFBCash is one of the best online gambling Malaysia that presents a variety of the most complete and most popular casino games in Malaysia. Choosing a trusted online casino gambling site is one of the ways that must be included in the criteria of your chosen site, the article is in this era of increasingly sophisticated technology.

In the glittering world of gambling you should be more selective and wise in assessing sites that can be trusted both in terms of Service and the Speed ​​and Deposit & Withdrawal of transactions is an absolute thing on gambling site.

Variety Types of Live Casino Malaysia Games

AFBCash is 5 star Rating in Our Customers’ eyes is the Multi-View Diversity of Games that We provide.

There are 5 Types of Live Casino Games that we directly display in our main menu, including Baccarat Online, Roulette, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger, Slot Games and Sexy Baccarat Girls. Uniquely, all these games can be played directly using only 1 wallet system casino. You also don’t need to bother playing our games on a PC or Laptop, because now you can play them on your Android Smartphone and favorite iPhone.

Best Online Casino in Malaysia

AFBCash is A Safe and Reliable Online Casino Malaysia website

For those of you who like the Trusted Online Casino Malaysia game, no need to hesitate with all forms of security that we provide. With the most up-to-date features in its class, we guarantee that all forms of security both your account and your balance in the account cannot be compromised by anyone.

In addition to maintaining your account access, our customers are also provided with 24-hour Live chat services.

In addition, this Online Gambling Malaysia Site provides more special deposit facilities such as for AFBCash Help2Pay that support Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Bank Islam and Hong Leong with minimum deposit of RM10 to maximum deposit of RM30,000. As for the minumum withdrawal is from RM50 to RM30,000.

AFBCash provide the best online casino Malaysia promotion. The saying goes “Customer satisfaction is a priority, especially for us, honesty is a concrete certainty. Although simple, we always provide more benefits for our customers as it seems that the Bonus Promotion for Live Casino Baccarat, Roulette and Gambling Dice Games is 0.8%.


Live Casino Malaysia

If you play roulette online in live casino Malaysia, you clearly know about games that use small amounts of bets but make huge profits. Not only that, roulette is also known as a very popular game because the thrill of this game is still no one can beat. There is no same type of game as roulette. Although roulette does have 2 different versions.

Two different versions of roulette itself are intended to make the game much more exciting and provide different challenges. The first version of roulette is European Roulette. The first version is the original version with a number of numbers from 0 to 36. While the second version is American Roulette. The difference is there is only an additional number 00 in this second version.

PLAY ONLINE Roulette  In Online Casino MALAYSIA

Because of the excitement offered by the online roulette gambling Malaysia, now the game can be enjoyed on the internet. Just like other online gambling games that can be played online. In an online casino that offers a complete gambling game, roulette is one of the options in it. In the online casino we can find a very complete gambling game from all over the world.

Online roulette Malaysia is definitely not a new type of roulette itself. The game is still the same as the original roulette. It’s just played online on a computer. There is no difference in how to play it. You still have to choose a variety of bets to play and place bets using real money in exchange for chips.

In online roulette, each player can choose the roulette game in two different games. The first roulette is roulette which is played with the help of a computer or flash game version. This first version was actually played randomly by a computer. Whereas the second roulette is live streaming roulette. So the game on screen is a video that airs live with the original roulette table and bookie. Playing roulette streaming is even more desirable because it is more exciting and like playing in a casino directly.

How to Play Roulette Online Malaysia

Online Roulette gambling is not a difficult game to play. With a little capital can bring a lot of profit in the bet. Of course if you can follow the game well.

Roulette is very easy to play. The first thing to do is place a bet. The dealer will provide an opportunity for players to place bets. After the bet is closed then the roulette wheel will spin, so will the balls in it that rotate in opposite directions. In a few moments the ball will stop in one of the slots that results from the bet. If the slot becomes a bet placed, a fee will be immediately earned.

Tips for Playing online Roulette live casino malaysia

For beginners, there are several bets that can be easily followed because the winning percentage is very high. Here are some of these types of bets.

Odd and Even: Odd and even bets are guessing whether the ball will stop at one odd or even number. With only two choices, the percentage can reach 50%.

Big and small: Still the same as the previous bet, this bet is played by guessing whether the ball will stop at a small number from 0 to 18, or a big number from 19 to 36.

Black and red: Inside the roulette wheel there are 2 colors that can be used as bets, namely black and red. You can install on one or both. The percentage reaches 50% because there are only two choices.
Some bets in roulette gambling can also produce a very large payout even though the stakes are only a little. But that is also offset by a very small percentage to win the bet. Even so it doesn’t hurt to try to follow one of the hardest bets in the game. If you are lucky it is very possible to get a victory in it.

In playing online roulette Malaysia, make sure to take the bet with the smallest nominal first because it can reduce the risk of loss. When you feel that you have mastered the game and know the tricks to winning the bet, increase the amount of the bet little by little. Do not immediately raise bets in large amounts because it could even turn around and lose a lot of capital bet.

When you win a bet and have made a profit, it’s better to end the game. Make a target when to stop playing so as not to get too late in the game. Then also take advantage so that it is not mixed with capital that can be used to play again.

Finally, play online roulette at a trusted online casino site. Exciting and profitable games can be obtained by becoming a member of a trusted online casino.